Atrial Fibrilation & Low Back Pain

As a physician I was often asked by my patients,”should I or should I not see an Acupuncturist for my back pain, neck pain or leg pains”? My answer was non-committal. I said, “if you tried just about everything and nothing worked then definitely see an Acupuncturist”.

One day I, too, became the patient. My low back failed; I was left with not only back pain, but leg pains. I found it difficult to stand, walk or sit. The only relief was to lie down. After exhausting all the so called conventional therapy, a friend of mine suggested that I see an Acupuncturist. He recommended , Dr Ding. I consulted him and found him to be knowledgeable and personable.

After three weeks of  therapy with Dr. Ding, I was a new person. He saw the scar on my chest and I informed him that I had two heart valves replaced and a pacemaker inserted. A few months after that I developed atrial fibrilation. A friend of mine suggested that I ask Dr. Ding to treat the atrial fib, since he had already helped him. Dr. Ding agreed to try, but promised nothing. After 3 treatments I was free of atrial fibrilation and remain so one year later.

I highly recommend Dr Ding

Dr. S. Sontag, M.D.

Sciatica and Low back pain

Dear Dr. Ding (Miracle Doctor):

There are no words to express my gratitude for your excellent work. When I came to you one week ago I was in such excrutiating pain that I could hardly walk. I had been in  pain for three months and tried everything, nothing seemed to help.  In just a few treatments with you I started to feel better and in exactly 6 days my pain is completely gone.

Your professionalism and compassion is rarely seen these days in the medical profession. Once again a million thank you for all your dedication.

Yours truly Consvelo Garces

Severe Dry Eye Syndrome, Dry Throat, Overactive Bladder & Insomnia

After discovering Dr. Ding, my life changed. I had the unfortunate experience of having had a Lasik corrective vision procedure in my younger years that predisposed me to severe Dry Eye Syndrome during menopause. With four SmartPlugs in my tear ducts and the constant application of various creams and drops, I still could not contine my swimming routine. Exposure to chlorine made my eyes feel as if there were pieces of glass in them, despite wearing a water- tight Aqua Sphere swim mask and nose plug. Following twice a week acupuncture treatments for two weeks, I was able to swim with only a mild irritation, and after another month of treatments, the irritation disappeared. An extremely dry throat I could not get rid of with honey, ice pops, mouthwash for dry mouth and a cool mist humidifier, disappeared.

I am grateful to Dr. Ding for also eliminating symptoms of an overactive bladder for which I cannot take the prescribed conventional medicines because they dry the eye.

My conditions had also transformed me into an anxious insomniac addicted to Ambien. Dr. Ding’s miraculous techniques made it possible for me to sleep straight through the night for seven hours.

Comi Z Neuburg

Facial Nerve Damage

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is a highly recommended natural effective alternative treatment option for many ailments. Also excellent as a routine preventative maintenance regiment for overall well-being.

Ask Dr. Ding which treatment options would best suit your specific needs. Be it acupuncture, acupressure or other specialized natural treatments, in which he will gladly tailor to your specific needs.

Dr. Zhenguo Ding draws patients willing to travel from across the globe to receive treatments in his Lauderhill office. Treatments that have successfully cured ailments ranging from chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, Bells Palsy and other palsies, to customized Cancer treatments. Cancer treatment plans, that have for many, -following a case by case aggressive natural treatment plan, left zero traces of the disease during radiology follow-ups via MRI scans.

Dr. Ding is a very kind, professional and skilled practitioner, that cares a great deal for his patients, and HEALING, rather than simply treating “symptoms” with surgery or prescription drugs, as with much of today’s modern medicine.

I have been a patient of Dr. Ding for the past 2+ years following a brain tumor that I had undergone a 7 hour brain surgery procedure to remove in 2009. The procedure ultimately rendered me not only 100% deaf in 1 ear, but with 90% facial paralysis on the right side of my face. Despite the fact that I work with a network of surgeons between Los Angeles and Miami, that are amidst the “Top 10 Doctors in the Nation”, specializing in Nuerotology/Otolaryngology, even they suggested I would at best after corrective reanimation surgeries, only have 30% facial return to function on the affected side. This would also be after completing a similar invasive surgery such as the initial tumor removal. Even with corrective surgery, there still would be no guarantee of a successful outcome, or that the corrective procedures wouldn’t do more harm than good. As it was, I had already gone through enough, and the odds were not to my delight.

At which point I researched alternative medicine specific to paralysis treatments. I discovered through “Pub Med” how Chinese Doctors overseas we’re using acupuncture with electric stimulation. Concluding a higher success rate for recovery, and nerve return-to function. I then sought out specialists in FL, which is how I found Dr. Ding. After only 3 months of treatment, I noticed my first signs of nerve function return. Nearly 2 years later, the outcome has exceeded the recovery outcome projected by my other treating MD’s, had I have taken the surgical approach. To date, due to Dr. Dings’ incredible care, I have approximately 80% function return, and the physical ability to create a smile from both corners of my mouth! According to the House Brackman Scale, I’m approx. a “3”) =D

Dr. Zhenguo Ding is the best in his expertise, and not just “one of my doctors” yet, a treasured friend. =] His incredible bedside manner, experience, patience, and willingness to educate his patients -by far surpasses the more popular demand for any modern medicine practitioner. Not to mention beneficial RESULTS which speaks for itself!

By Dia P

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Food-abdominal pain-diarrhea was my daily life for almost 20 years. My doctors told me – “You have to live with it. Watch what you eat. Take your medicine.” Etc. I did some research about acupuncture and after five weeks acupuncture treatments with Dr. Ding, a very experienced acupuncturist, I completely got rid of IBS. I told everyone about Dr. Ding’s miracle work. Thank you.

By Gloria Lee

I had carpal tunnel Syndrome in my right hand for three months. Doctors recommended me to have surgery. I thought “There has to be another
answer.” I went to see Dr. Ding. He treated me with acupuncture and laser therapy.  In three weeks, I had amazing results. He cured it permanently. I can enjoy my cooking now.

By Christine Jackson

Frozen Shoulder

1).I just wanted to say acupuncture worked wonders for me. I am 52 years old. I had severe left shoulder pain for four days. I couldn’t sleep during night and even had trouble taking shower. Dr. Ding uses only two long needles in my legs and I was pain free when I left his office. How amazing?

By Sue Kim

2). I had frozen shoulder on both sides for 2 years. I couldn’t raise my arms, and even I couldn’t get my wallet out of my pant.  One orthopedist surgeon suggested I need shoulder replacements. I am 54 years old. I don’t want any surgery. I had about three months acupuncture therapies with Dr. Ding. Now I can move my shoulders almost like normal. Thanks Dr. Ding

By Ray Goldman


Back Pain

I had been trying for years to get rid of the low back pain, but nothing seemed to help. I was referred to Dr. Ding by my doctor. I had seven times acupuncture treatments and  I have to say that I am very happy with the results. My back has really improved a lot and I am feeling much better in general.

I feel less stressed and seem to have more energy since beginning the treatment.

I would highly recommend acupuncture to anyone suffering from back pain.

By David Greenwald

Dry Eyes

I am 81 years old and suffered low back pain for 45 years, dry eyes syndrome with watery eyes for 25 years. I had trouble watching TV and reading. I visited countless doctors and tried numerous eye drops, medication but nothing worked. I was referred to Dr. Ding by a friend of mine.

After six treatments for my back and eyes I felt twenty years younger now. My back pain and my dry eyes syndrome got 90% improvement. Now I watch TV and read books every day. Thank you Dr. Ding, you made me enjoy my life again.
For anyone who is suffering from strange symptoms, where doctors have little to offer you, consider acupuncture.

By Robert S

Sciatic Nerve pains

I’ve recommended Dr Ding to many people. He’s helped and healed me with my sciatic nerve pains, pinch nerves, backaches, headaches and smoking. Great atmosphere. Thank you Dr. Ding for all you do.

Penny Giannomoros

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